Medical, Dental and Vision insurance plans are the cornerstone of most benefit packages and there are a great many carriers competing for their share of the market. Consistent with the number of carriers, are the number of plans being made available, as well as the complexity of each plan in terms of understanding. As the plans grow more complex, so do the explanation of benefits and that is precisely why EBM spends so much time in the marketplace, with the carriers, educating ourselves on how the various plans might meet the needs of their clients.

Disability and Loss of Life  can be devastating to a family.  Whether employer or employee paid; offering employees a safeguard against such devastation is critical to a comprehensive benefit program. Let EBM help you structure a benefit program that will provide your employee with financial security and peace of mind.

Voluntary Benefits are a great way to enhance your employee benefits package while providing valuable benefits to your employees at no cost to the company. With the number of Voluntary/Worksite Benefit providers on the rise, having EBM analyze which provider and which products will best meet the needs of your employees is a must.


A true business partner understands your business and your strategic objectives

Increasing healthcare costs in an evolving regulatory environment demands highly technical benefit expertise 

At EBM, employee benefits professionals, provide the knowledge and resources necessary to maximize the impact of those critical benefits decisions.  Our longstanding relationships with insurance carriers have enabled us to optimize the market analysis and negotiation process, thus delivering the most comprehensive benefits package available at the most affordable cost.