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Time-Off Tracking

The creation, implementation and administration of 

time-off has never been easier. Configuring a PTO  unique to your company will allow employees to schedule and request time off from the comfort of their own homes. This is what modern time-off tracking looks like!

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Online Enrollment

No more tracking down insurance applications or beneficiary forms.  With EBMOnline, your employees will enjoy the simplicity of this user friendly, state of the art technology taking the headache out of the enrollment experience.

New Hire Onboarding
HR can onboard employees faster and easier, giving employees a greater first day void of extensive paperwork. Create tasks in minutes and let employees breeze through onboarding without breaking a sweat.   

HRIS Database

Get your employee data out of the filing cabinet and into a single, secure platform.  Safety, accuracy, and reporting are examples of all that our clients have available to them through this power of technology  This is what modern HR looks like!